“A very warm welcome to Sir Apollo Kaggwa Primary School Kisaasi’s website.  We are so proud to have been judged amongst the outstanding schools in the country.

I Ayebale Aaron, am honoured to be the Guild President of Sir Apollo Kaggwa P/s – Kisaasi, 2017 – 2018.

I was previously the Presidential advisor of this might school providing leadership and support to our former president.

I am very glad to notify that I have served for a period of 2 months in my office.

Being a good leader, one must accept to be a servant of others.

This is an exciting time for our school following the birth of this great school.  It was in 2016 when Sir Apollo Kaggwa P/s Kisaasi, a branch of Sir Apollo Kaggwa fraternity of schools was started.  The school had an astonishing year of beginning which placed it at a level above others in the community.

Thanks to the school administration for mentoring us and giving us opportunities to explore leadership skills.

It is very interesting that in the first period of my 100 days in office, I am achieving a lot as per the list below;

  • Organized periodic meetings where achievements and challenges are tabled to give a clear go forward.
  • Organized guidance and counseling sessions.
  • Realized order in school and the general cleanliness.
  • Pupils’ active involvement in various clubs like Science club, scouts club, home economic, wild life club, games & sports, debates club etc. however, I am still looking up for;
  • Transforming my team into true future leaders.
  • Working hand in hand with the school to enhance academics and performance to greater heights.

My aspiration for the future is my current position, I can see myself leading this country Uganda to a better-transformed Nation.

Conclusively, I wish to extend my appreciation to my teachers and my parents for the continued support rendered to me.

I also encouraged everyone to become a good leader by being exemplary.